Kate recommends

yogaglo.com  (a fabulous resource of classes for you to do at home, from short pranayama and meditation practices, to hard core two hour asana practices and everything in between.  15 day free trial.)

soundstrue.com  (incredible interviews on topics including yoga, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, healing etc. with some of the world’s leading writers, teachers, musicians and thinkers.)

www.ted.com/talks  Inspiring talks from all sorts of people to get us thinking… sift through on a rainy day.

The Healing Power of the Breath by Dr R. Brown and Dr P. Gerbarg
Useful and inspiring on use of breathwork to treat PTSD, anxiety and stress.

Moving Inward – The Journey Toward Meditation by Rolf Sovik
A great “starter” book for those keen to explore meditation.

The Healing Power of Emotion (Affective Neuroscience, Development and Clinical Practice)
Edited by Diana Fosha, Daniel Sigel, and Mrion Solomon
For those who are interested in the interface between yoga/mindfulness/neuroscience/psychology/psychotherapy.

Anything by Allan N Schore – this man’s writing is just phenomenal and his work on affect regulation informs
my thinking and inspires my research ambitions.
The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy is excellent.

Staying Alive – real poems for unreal times (Edited by Neil Astley)
(Poems on love, life, death, parenthood and everything else….)

The Inner Tradition of Yoga by Michael Stone
(my current guru – a buddhist psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Michael Stone offers a
wonderful explanation of yoga philosophy and psychology, and how it can help us live a happier life.)

The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad
(Journalist and yoga practitioner, Broad exposes some of the fey and even dangerous myths around yoga, but also collates the amazing new scientific research on yoga’s physiological and psychological effects.)

Yoga Mind, Body & Sprit – a return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi
(A classic, readable, clear, warm introduction to yoga – for anyone who wants to know a bit more)