YOGA 5 week course

3 Sept – 1 Oct inclusive, Wolvercote Church Hall, 9.30am
£50 (student & other discounts available on request)

You may have heard of the “8 limbs” of yoga… a philosophical and psychological set of concepts from the ancient tradition (circa 3000BC) of Patanjeli’s Yoga Sutras.

These limbs are not arranged in a hierarchical progression with one being better or more advanced than the other, but are like the limbs of our bodies, intimately connected and affecting each other’s growth.  So – by practising asana (movement & postures) you affect the mind as well as the body, and by meditating, you generate peacefulness in the body as well as the mind. By practising pranayama (breathing) you affect the emotions and by practising the ethical precepts of yoga (Yamas and Niyamas) you affect your behaviour which affects others, which in turn comes back to you in a positive way….. and so it goes on…..

In this 5 week course we’ll be looking at the Yamas and Niyamas as the conceptual base for our practice.  These 10 ethical codes for living aren’t about being holier-than-thou and eating quinoa all the time, but just draw our attention to how we wish to go about our lives, in order to be less stressed, happier, and more at peace with ourselves and those we meet along the way.

The 5 classes will all include stretches, dynamic movements, breath-work, and meditation, and as there are only 10 places each posture can be adjusted carefully to suit you and your body as it is on that day.

If you would like any more information please contact me at or 07931792654.