Classes run as normal and follow school term times from 9 September:

MONDAY – dynamic flow (Jericho Community Centre – 9.30am)
Sun Salutation vinyasas.  We’ll be building alignment and strength from the ground up
aiming to work towards a strong, flowing sequence with particular attention this term to
chatteranga-updog-downdog. Start your week with vitality!

WEDNESDAY – floor based core strength, pranayama and meditation
(St Peter’s Church Hall, First Turn, Wolvercote – 9.30am)
Re-discover your core through a mixture of yoga and pilates techniques. Learn breathing exercises to aid the release of anxiety and tension, and to improve sleep. Cultivate Mindfulness. This term we’ll also look at how to soothe and prevent lower back pain.

THURSDAY – restorative yoga with a gentle flow
(Phil and Jim School, Navigation Way, North Oxford – 8-9pm)
This term we’ll focus on releasing tightness in the shoulders and hips. Take away simple techniques to use at home/work.
Experience Letting Go fully of your day for a fantastic night’s sleep.