If you are interested in continuing, starting, or coming back to YOGA, then this is just to remind you about the NEW class on THURSDAY this week at Phil and Jim School at 8pm.
This is free to any staff at the school who wish to attend, and for everyone else, I’m afraid its £8 per class (for a booklet of 6 classes) or £10 drop in if you know you can only make a few.
If you’ve never been before, I’d like to offer you a free class, or you can donate something if you really enjoy it….. my aim is to get bums on mats and take it from there.

A lot of people ask me what kind of yoga I teach.
Some of you will know that I have recently finished my training at YogaCampus in London (passing the course with Distinction!! that’s my ego talking).
We were introduced to many different styles of physical practice, and encouraged to find a way that suited each individual:

My bent is towards a mixture of Hatha yoga (where asanas are held and explored through the breath) and Vinyasa yoga (where we flow between postures, which is more dynamic)
but I also use Yin yoga techniques (where each pose is held and really meditated on) and Restorative yoga.

However what I aim to really teach is RAJA YOGA, which can be translated as integral yoga, and which incorporates four paths:

Hatha yoga (physical technique), Jnana yoga (the path of knowlege), Karma yoga (the path of action in the world), and Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion).

So, unlike other exercise classes (pilates, aerobics or whatever), although we DO work hard to strengthen, tone and release the body, we also spend a little time working on
pranayama practices (breathing techniques) in order to prepare for meditation, which sounds difficult and complicated but in reality just means sitting still, watching the breath
and quietening the mind.  This makes us feel good…. simple as that!

So, I do hope to see some of you at Phil and Jim on Thursday night.  Please remember to bring a MAT and BLANKET if you have one.

Very best wishes

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