YOGA 5 week course

3 Sept – 1 Oct inclusive, Wolvercote Church Hall, 9.30am
£50 (student & other discounts available on request)

You may have heard of the “8 limbs” of yoga… a philosophical and psychological set of concepts from the ancient tradition (circa 3000BC) of Patanjeli’s Yoga Sutras.

These limbs are not arranged in a hierarchical progression with one being better or more advanced than the other, but are like the limbs of our bodies, intimately connected and affecting each other’s growth.  So – by practising asana (movement & postures) you affect the mind as well as the body, and by meditating, you generate peacefulness in the body as well as the mind. By practising pranayama (breathing) you affect the emotions and by practising the ethical precepts of yoga (Yamas and Niyamas) you affect your behaviour which affects others, which in turn comes back to you in a positive way….. and so it goes on…..

In this 5 week course we’ll be looking at the Yamas and Niyamas as the conceptual base for our practice.  These 10 ethical codes for living aren’t about being holier-than-thou and eating quinoa all the time, but just draw our attention to how we wish to go about our lives, in order to be less stressed, happier, and more at peace with ourselves and those we meet along the way.

The 5 classes will all include stretches, dynamic movements, breath-work, and meditation, and as there are only 10 places each posture can be adjusted carefully to suit you and your body as it is on that day.

If you would like any more information please contact me at or 07931792654.


2014 News

Yoga with me is going to be a little disrupted until April 2014.
I’m going to Kings College London to take up a scholarship to do an Msc in Palliative Care starting 13 January.
I’m really excited to be exploring the use of “Mindful Music Therapy” in Palliative care, especially with reference to anxiety and pain levels.  I will, as you’d expect, be bringing in a lot of the meditative and breathing techniques from our yoga practice.

There is a class this WEDNESDAY 8th January (Wolvercote, 9.30) then I’m away for 2 weeks.

Classes will run then as follows:

27th January Jericho 9.30am  –  dynamic flow

29th January Wolvercote 9.30am – floor based, mindful yoga

30th January Wolvercote (note new venue) 8.15-9.15pm if I get enough people booked in.


HERE FOR 4 weeks and classes run as above….

I am away February 24th – March 7th (two weeks)

HERE for 4 weeks and classes run as above….

I am away March 31st – April 11th (two weeks)


That’s it – then back to normal until October 2015 when I’m away again in same pattern.

I am very sorry for the disruption and hope you will continue to come to yoga. 


( if you need classes while I am away.


Please contact me if you have any queries.

Thanks so much and Happy New Year!



Classes run as normal and follow school term times from 9 September:

MONDAY – dynamic flow (Jericho Community Centre – 9.30am)
Sun Salutation vinyasas.  We’ll be building alignment and strength from the ground up
aiming to work towards a strong, flowing sequence with particular attention this term to
chatteranga-updog-downdog. Start your week with vitality!

WEDNESDAY – floor based core strength, pranayama and meditation
(St Peter’s Church Hall, First Turn, Wolvercote – 9.30am)
Re-discover your core through a mixture of yoga and pilates techniques. Learn breathing exercises to aid the release of anxiety and tension, and to improve sleep. Cultivate Mindfulness. This term we’ll also look at how to soothe and prevent lower back pain.

THURSDAY – restorative yoga with a gentle flow
(Phil and Jim School, Navigation Way, North Oxford – 8-9pm)
This term we’ll focus on releasing tightness in the shoulders and hips. Take away simple techniques to use at home/work.
Experience Letting Go fully of your day for a fantastic night’s sleep.


Classes run as usual during school term times:

Monday – level 1 dynamic flow yoga
Ideal for those with a some yoga experience who like to start the week with a bit of zip!
Jericho (Community Centre)

Wednesday – floor based, gentle yoga including pranayama, relaxation and meditation.
Good for beginners or those who think they are not “bendy enough to do yoga”…..
learn to gently re-connect with your breath, body, and mind.
Wolvercote (St Peter’s Church hall)

Thursday – evening yoga to stretch out your muscles, release stress and prepare you for a
good night’s sleep.
St Philip and James School, Navigation Way, OX2 (near Anchor pub)

Friday – Yoga Therapy at Sobell House day hospice
(by arrangement with the hospice Day Services)

Forthcoming news:
I am about to complete a “Teen Yoga” training specially tailored to working with this under-supported age group in schools,
and 1:1 for physical, social and emotional health.

I am also planning a series of Luxury Mini-retreats with the fabulous Sarah Perry. We hope to launch a programme of day-long bespoke retreats at Southrop Manor this Spring, including a delicious home-grown lunch at Thyme Cookery School. These will have a limit on numbers (no more than 10 students, with 2 teachers, so very “hands on”) and will run on Sundays.
The aim is to have about 6 a year.
Please let me know if you would be interested to be on a mailing list for these.

September 2012

Welcome back!

Monday class in Jericho at 9.30 is now on.

Watch this space for Wednesday as the Wolvercote room is unavailable until November due to building works.

Thursday evening class 8pm will start once I have 8 students confirmed…. so do let me know if you would like a place.

Keep Yoga-ing!


JULY 2012

I will be away on holiday from July 16th until 18 August, and will start teaching again on the week of 10 September.

If you would like to go to an excellent teacher over the summer, please try Sarah Perry at

She is my teacher, and wonderful!



If you are interested in continuing, starting, or coming back to YOGA, then this is just to remind you about the NEW class on THURSDAY this week at Phil and Jim School at 8pm.
This is free to any staff at the school who wish to attend, and for everyone else, I’m afraid its £8 per class (for a booklet of 6 classes) or £10 drop in if you know you can only make a few.
If you’ve never been before, I’d like to offer you a free class, or you can donate something if you really enjoy it….. my aim is to get bums on mats and take it from there.

A lot of people ask me what kind of yoga I teach.
Some of you will know that I have recently finished my training at YogaCampus in London (passing the course with Distinction!! that’s my ego talking).
We were introduced to many different styles of physical practice, and encouraged to find a way that suited each individual:

My bent is towards a mixture of Hatha yoga (where asanas are held and explored through the breath) and Vinyasa yoga (where we flow between postures, which is more dynamic)
but I also use Yin yoga techniques (where each pose is held and really meditated on) and Restorative yoga.

However what I aim to really teach is RAJA YOGA, which can be translated as integral yoga, and which incorporates four paths:

Hatha yoga (physical technique), Jnana yoga (the path of knowlege), Karma yoga (the path of action in the world), and Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion).

So, unlike other exercise classes (pilates, aerobics or whatever), although we DO work hard to strengthen, tone and release the body, we also spend a little time working on
pranayama practices (breathing techniques) in order to prepare for meditation, which sounds difficult and complicated but in reality just means sitting still, watching the breath
and quietening the mind.  This makes us feel good…. simple as that!

So, I do hope to see some of you at Phil and Jim on Thursday night.  Please remember to bring a MAT and BLANKET if you have one.

Very best wishes

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